Wednesday, July 30, 2008

People have been asking me if I sell my dolls and I haven't really in the past. I decided this morning to sell two. I wasn't able to post them here earlier, but one has already sold even before I was able to get to this today. The one pictured here is the only one left. She is called 'Dream' and she stands proud at about 7 inches. Please e-mail me at if interested. Thanks! :)


super lotto said...

that's way too cool.

Maija said...

Your dolls are darling!
I'm sorry for your mom's rough time. I'll keep her in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Your dolls are cool! Neat use of all different textures, colors and embellishments. You see something different everytime you view them. I especially like the layering effect. I think they are more than "dolls", but can't think of a more descriptive term.
Trudy RDH