Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today is my mom's birthday. Today is going to be a very hard day for her since this is the first one she's had since my dad passed away very unexpectedly last September. She has always loved to spend some time by herself and today that is what she wants to do. She will most likely be going to spend time in one of her favorite places to unwind and that is Ventura. The card you see is one I made for her a few years back. It is one of my first altered art pieces.
We did get her presents, gave her a coconut cream pie and took her out to dinner yesterday. She wanted to go to a Benihana type place near us called Tokyo Hibachi. My two-year-old had a lot of fun discovering different uses for chopsticks! She was feeding us all rice with them at first, but then decided to use them as drumsticks most of the time!


BELINDA said...

Hi I really like your mixed media collage pieces. Did your mum like her card? my mum likes everything lol. So sorry about your dad, hope your mum has a good birthday. Belinda

Lee W. said...

Love you site and your collages. Thanks for stopping by my blog!